A Fire Makes Its Own Weather


Or some thoughts for my talk at the

2019 Re-Imagining End of Life in San Francisco

My pal Mara Holt Skov invited me to present the work of the ECOPOESIS Movement at Re-Imagining End of Life, city-wide gatherings from Oct 24 – Nov 2, 2019, in San Francisco. So I sat down today to prepare my talk. I got lost in my thoughts and before I knew it, the sun was setting over the Pacific. But it was the unusual orange-sherbet glow on my wall that caught my attention. The smoke from the Kincade fire, burning in Sonoma for five days and expected to burn at least until Nov 7, had amplified the colors in eery ways.

I am writing a talk that thinks about David Bowie’s song “Fashion” from Scary Monsters, and how he was responding to what was called the New Romantic movement in London, from about 1978 to 1980. The bands dressed in ruffled shirts,  nun-habit sorts of jackets, had architectural or flouncy hair, sported extreme make-up, the more outrageous the look, the better, all carefully pulled together for effect. Spandau Ballet, Talk Talk, Duran Duran, among others. Their sound was electro dance and they were in conversation with David Bowie’s remarkable spirit of reinvention.

I was thinking about reinvention and thinking of the 1980s and how in 1988, James Hansen testified to the US Congress that there was clear evidence of global warming. And how we needed to pay attention to our contribution, as humans, to re-shaping the Earth’s atmosphere. And we needed to act.

Of course, we heard this and then we did nothing. We kept eating foods from the agro-businesses, burgers and crops grown with ever-more intensive chemical helpers. We kept driving our cars, and in fact in America, the cars got bigger and pounded out more CO2. We did not build strong public transit options. We celebrated the extraction industries, the mining, by buying and indulging in their products to fuel our homes and businesses. We just kept right on burning our little fires, as it were. Then we all fell headfirst into the dream and lie of the tech bros and started burying our faces in screens. Who had time to worry about global warming! The systems were so complex it was impossible to see a way out. Wasn’t someone else working on it, too?

This leads us to a question, so shall we look at it? If we think about the song “Fashion,” we see Bowie responding to the New Romantics who were in turn responding to him. He has a particular point of view: He refers to the goon squad, we are the goon squad, that dictates a particular fashion behavior, and it seems he is not entirely on board. I have read interpretation that this strict adherence to the outrageous for the sake of the outrageous, he felt may have been saying, it was akin to a sort of cultural fascism. And he wanted us to look at it.

So what does this have to do with ecologies or end of life? Well, let’s say the discussion is how we all adhere to certain stories of our reality, how we see what we are all getting up to? That we can agree there are hard-sided realities in fact — like the Pacific Ocean is a reality.

Then there are our shared stories of how things are, more like the borders we draw between countries. Borders are a fiction that we all agree on. When we start disagreeing with these stories of how things are, the extreme end is, of course, revolution.

I think what ECOPOESIS is inviting us to do is far from revolution but it is indeed a form of revolt.

With ECOPOESIS, we have invited people to gather together with us to think about ecological topics and to make what we call “embodied messaging” about them.

When we first met in April, we gathered around one writer’s ideas and then we made expressions of how we feel about the times in which we live, using the text and the making to shape feelings and responses.

But before the final works were made, we spent hours in the morning focusing on another organizational tactic, which asked people to define three words that were occupying our minds: Remain, Resist, Retreat. ((In fact, we could have used any of the “re–” words we had gathered for our list. Recreate. Renovate. Reshape.))

What I am thinking I might talk about during my ECOPOESIS paper for Re-imagining end of life, is how now is the time to re-think our stories of how things are. And to tell better stories, stories that have more power and accuracy based on our shifting ecosystems and real needs to adapt and change, perhaps very quickly.

How we can push away the onslaught of apocalyptic visions of the looming future, a future where all of us, including humans, go extinct.

Or go to Mars.

Or get new AI headsets to allow us to think more quickly and adapt faster, or whatever the plan is in that department.

I am thinking that all revolts start as thoughts and then they become embodied. You refuse to give up your seat on a bus. You march to the sea to get salt. You stop going to school on Fridays to protest inaction on climate change.

I will publish the talk here.