Getting on a Plane When There’s This Virus Thingie

I head out this week to San Antonio for the annual meeting of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs. It’s an orgy of wonderful words and lovely writers — last year in Portland I think they logged 12,000 humans coming through. California College of the Arts MFA Writing will be at Booth #1604 — we are reading Tarot on March 6 – 7. I will be at the booth on March 5, before heading out the International Journal of Feminist Politics conference at Vanderbilt to talk about eco-activism and Ecopoesis.

Of course this all has the shadow of coronavirus over it — and our heads are sorta spinning by how fast this became a reality and how weirdly explosive the numbers are — cases doubled in Italy over the weekend. I read in the Times today that we all should expect to get it at some point. Then the admonishments to not touch, to wash hands, to cough into sleeves. Should I bring my N-95, which I keep stocked due to Cali fires in the autumn? Hmmm. I think that’s a hard no.

These times. These thoughts. Oh! And it’s also my birthday on March 4, and I did this really, really brave vulnerable thing and set up a few moments with some favorites — drinks with Christopher Merrill, dinner with Daniel Gumbiner, editor of The Believer, and my colleague the author Tom Barbash. I usually allow the day to pass quietly. This has been a hard 2020 to date, so decided it was a good idea to change it up.

I was sorta encouraged to do this by a friend who has been pushing me to be more authentic and vulnerable. So. Here we are. Here is where I walk, etc.

Added the Neil Young: Current vibe.